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We got ripped-off by Woodcrest Veterinary Clinic (Riverside CA) and also were treated badly by the front desk receptionist, Amy.

A week prior to our appointment date, my wife called Woodcrest Veterinary Clinic to inquire for the cost for our puppies first vaccination which is DA2PP and Deworming. The female associate who picked up her responded and said this, "She doesn't know off hand but the clinic will inform you before we provide any service". So my wife just set an appointment for December 11, 2010 in the morning. My wife is already due to give birth anytime, so she requested me to drop-off the puppies for their vaccination and deworming.

I brought the puppies and I said to Amy that I'm here for our puppies first vaccination and deworming. After the services were provided, which we thought is just vaccination and deworming, we've been given an invoice worth $318. I was surprised and mentioned that this is too much for the services my wife requested when she set the appointment. Amy brokedown the charges and this is when I found out about the mandatory puppy examination which is a total of $88. I said we are not informed by this, she said that we don't tell unless we are asked. She also started to raise her voice to me when I said that this is not a good practice. She even asked me, "Does your doctor provide you an invoice before performing services, no right?". I said they don't because I'm insured, they only inform me of the deductible. I told her the puppies are not insured so they should've informed my wife when she requested for the cost.

Today, Dec 30th I called, Amy mentioned that Daphne her supervisor tried to call me twice and even heard my voice in the voicemail greeting. I told here that my voicemail is an automated greeting and not even my voice. So I asked her the number they used to contact me and she wouldn't give it to me and kept on asking is there anything else I need. I said I need the number they tried to contact me, she just hanged-up. I called again and spoke with another associate, she gave me the number Daphne called me at and it's the wrong number.

Issue is still not resolved.

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Riverside, California, United States #957082

Been going to this vet for 16 years. Never had this problem and have never experienced the front office being rude.

Perhaps you should learn how to transact business. Always ask up front how much it's going to be.

There's always an office visit for an exam. Why would you expect there wasn't going to be one??????

to icblues #957091

Your probably an internet troll that works for this business.

Step up and take responsibility for the business your trying represent.

Instead of an apology you send an internet troll. Very Unprofessional.

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